Application Upgrades

The free version of Fueless comes with two meters enabled:

  • The Basic Meter gives you a score for how efficiently you are driving and your average fuel efficiency (in l/100km) for the current journey.
  • The Fuel Saving Meter gives you audio and visual feedback on how well you are Accelerating, Braking and Travelling at speed. The Gear Meter recommends what gear you should be in.

Note that as the app can only make assumptions about what gear you are in, the fuel economy reading may be incorrect if you are not using the recommended gear.

The application can optionally be set to upload journey data to this website to allow you to:

  • Track your progress over time
  • Get more detailed analysis of where you can make more fuel savings
  • Optionally, you can compete with other drivers on getting the best weekly Journey Score and share your progress on Twitter and Facebook

Buying Upgrades

In addition four upgrades are available for the app - these are listed below. To upgrade your app just press the Upgrade button on the main driving screen.

Cost Meter

Do you want to know exactly where all that money you spend on fuel goes?

The Cost Meter shows the cost of the current journey as you drive.

It also shows the average cost per distance for the current journey ($/mile, €/km etc).

In addition you can set the top right Digital Meter to show the current journey cost or cost per distance if you wish.

Costs are worked out using fuel prices that update automatically every month for the following countries: UK, US, all 27 EU countries, Switzerland, Norway, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. For other countries you can set your local fuel price manually.

Advanced Savings Meter

This meter is only available to buy if you have purchased the Fuel Savings meter.

Once you have mastered driving with the Fuel Savings meter, this meter will allow you to improve your fuel saving skills even more.

The Advanced Savings Meter shows, in real-time, how well you are accelerating, braking and travelling at speed. Green zones in these meters show you the ideal areas you should be aiming for.

You also get a score for how smoothly you have been driving over the last few minutes.

Audio feedback on your driving smoothness is added to the existing audio feedback.

Instantaneous Meter

This upgrade is for advanced users who want to see exactly how fuel is used as they drive.

The Instantaneous Meter shows how much fuel you are using at any moment in time.

You can set this meter to show the readings as:

  • Fuel economy (MPG, l/100km etc)
  • CO2 emissions (g/km)

CO2 Meter

Do you want to know how much CO2 you are emitting?

Driving efficiently should reduce your emissions by around 520 kg a year!

The CO2 Meter shows how many kg of CO2 you have emitted on the current journey, as you drive.

It also shows the average CO2 figure (in g/km) for the current journey.

In addition you can set the top right Digital Meter to show the current total journey CO2 in kg, or if you wish, CO2 per distance (g/km).